Frimley sees training future leaders as key to long term success of STPs

Training future leaders is central to the long-term success of the Frimley Health STP, one of its leaders told a meeting at the Health Plus Care conference in London.

Jane Hogg, integration and transformation director at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, said there was a big push to develop future leaders, with a programme aimed at encouraging NHS staff early in their careers to become “champions of change”.

The plan is to develop an ethos of being part of a single healthcare system and committed to “making change stick”.

In the same session Richard Stubbs, interim managing director at Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network, said the challenge for middle management in the NHS and STPs was to resolve the potential clash between radical and incremental change. Success will be driven by empowering “change agents”, he added.

Do we really need three providers of cardiology services?

Tom Jackson, chief finance officer and deputy chief officer, Healthy Liverpool, NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, highlighted the complexities of securing political support for change.

“We have nine providers in Liverpool and a hospital for everything but do we really need three providers of cardiology services? Value is a function of outcomes and costs which, for example, could be delivered by an alliance based approach to diabetes.”

Liverpool is looking at personalisation in healthcare to reduce inequalities. Deaths from lung cancer and other cancers are a particular concern among the local population.

Henry Black, chief finance officer for East London Health and Care Partnership, said STPs are still a “slightly toxic brand”.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons