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Health21 is the platform for evidence and debate on the future of community based action. It will cross disciplines and organisations to encompass clinicians and senior managers in primary care, community services, mental health, sexual health services, out of hours’ providers, social care, commissioning, procurement and public health.

Central to Health21 will be the presentation of data and evidence to help readers judge the success or otherwise of new care models, as well as insights into the problems that clinicians and managers encountered in developing their ideas. As the NHS transformation journey gathers pace, individuals, organisations and local systems want to hear and learn from others, enabling them to move quickly and get change right first time. Health21 will help managers and clinicians reshape services to deliver community based, patient-centred, proactive, technologically supported care.

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Future Care section – articles on a new models of care – send an outline of the project you are working on, together with an indication of the evidence so far and the lessons you have learned during implementation.

Forward View is section – opinion articles – send a brief outline of the article you would like to contribute; we are keen to attract contributions from as wide a range of clinicians and managers as possible.

Advise Health21 on its development – if you would like become part of the group advising us on the content for Health21 we would be delighted to hear from you.

Email editorial@health21.org.uk

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